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Im STILL trying to get over the fact that this community actually EXISTS!! LOL  Just like so many of us, I thought I was the only one who got the shivers and flutters whenever I gazed at the founding fathers in books, in museums and documentaries, who thought that 200 year old historical figures were hotter than some of today's actors. Along with my history obsession( 18th c and Civil War) this became a good natured joke among my friends.. ya know "She's in love with some guy with a wig and short pants again", but to find people who actually find these men hot, that's just wonderful. I feel So @ home
LOL now that I do reenacting I've taken to see just how much the lads who reenact my fave historical figures( esp Hamilton) actually resemble "my boys"( The guy who portrayed Hamilton @ Trenton last year was passable.. a redhead anyway)

Here's some of "my lads"

1. Alexander Hamilton
simply put, the man was gorgeous.. AND was well aware of his charm to the ladies.. think it;s the combo of red hair.. violet eyes, and peaches and cream skin... I came across two lesser known pics of Hamilton, in which you can see that oh so intriguing half smile of his....

This pic just makes me weak in the knees.. he's got that half smile, simultaniously sweet and arrogant

This was painted around the time of Hamilton's wedding.. it looks like he's about to speak to us.

2. General Walter Stewart.
He was a Colonel in the 2nd/13th PA in the Rev War; a galant soldier who was wounded @ the Battle of Monmouth and who helped to quell the incipient mutiny of Washington's troops at Morristown in 1780,, AND he was an Irishman! ;)
What's more incredible is that this lad was known in his own time as "the most handsome man in the Continental army" and "The Irish Beauty"( historically documented). Like Hamilton, he had a way with the ladies..This is a portrait of him @ Yorktown.. he could "breech my fortifications" ANY day!!

3. Banastre Tarleton
Yes I'm an equal opportunity Rev War personage lover. Ban was dashing, rakish and needless to say, hot as blazes.. this pic comes courtesy of Oatmeal For The Foxhounds..a Banastre Tarleton ( thanks to Silverwhistle's wonderful site for helping me discover the hotness of Ban)

4. Thomas Lynch, Jr,(1749-1779) South Carolina signer of the Declaration of Independence who was lost @ sea in 1779.. He's got that Keats aspect of tragedy about him
This is apparantly a copy of a portrait by John Trumbull.. he looks so aristocratic and gentle here...

ALL the South Carolina delegation was hot it seems like..( guess they make em hotter down south! lol)
Here's Thomas Heyward. Look @ those deep bedroom eyes and sensual smiling lips

This is only a wee sampling but hope you enjoy.. It's SO good to be here



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