All of a sudden I feel very hungry! (tosheii) wrote in historical_love,
All of a sudden I feel very hungry!

I've been lurking for awhile. Anyway, some of mine might have been posted before, or maybe not.

I'd say most of my crushes are 18th century and early 19th. Throw in a few medieval and Ancient for good measure!

Guess the man and win 100 Internets under the cut.

Not saying who just yet! On to some of my other crushes.

I hope I don't get hack for it, but wow...that's Napoleon?

Dante Alighieri. Words and wisdom. I also like his fierceness they usually paint him with...and I love his nose. The pic I posted is from Giotto who actually knew him, so I felt that would be a bit more accurate, as much as I like Rossetti's work.

Another vote for Erwin Rommel.

I really have no way to explain this one.

And now to reveal the man before the cut....

Why do we need Horatio Hornblower when we have Horatio Nelson?

Prepare to be pic-spammed. If you don't know who he is, please Google/Wiki him sometime. Terms like "half-nelson" and "full-nelson" are in honour of him. Personally, I prefer the nelson touch.

And finally, saving my favourite for last.

If you've come this far, thanks for enduring my post!
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