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Historical Crushes

Can't get enough of those sexy famous dead people.

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A community for all those of us with an insatiable lust for dead people. :) Join and talk about your historical crushes, post historical fiction, and have fun communing with fellow geeks!

Rules and Regulations:
--Any crush is acceptable, as long as the person is dead and can probably be found through a good Google search...not just someone you knew personally, that is. It's rather like the Darwin awards, except that we aren't making fun of anything. Which brings us to the next rule:

--BE NICE. Share the historical love. No hate. Basically--respect one another's crushes. If someone's crush contradicts yours--for example, you're in love with Catullus and they love Cicero, you're not allowed to insult them or their crush (not even if you insult them in hendecasyllabic meter, as entertaining as a Roman-poetic bitchfest might be.) Respectful debate is a good thing, but the key word is respectful.

However, if for some reason you are a fan of Watson and/or Crick...be warned. We are on Rosalind's side. Resistance is futile.


--Any sort of post is pretty much acceptable. Polls, rants, questions, comments, stories, picspam, etc. Stories--amusing anecdotes, historical fiction, whatever--behind an LJ-cut, please. Large images should be cut as well, for people with finicky browsers. Etc.

Have fun!

Maintainer: jean_prouvaire

Sister community of hamilton_crush