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Sarah D:

Oh my Goodness.

I feel accepted here. Oh man.

So. I'm your typical teenage girl living in Texas, k?

yeah k well... I ... it's been 2 years now, man. I still love this guy.

Get ready.

William Barret Travis, Lt. Col commander of the regular forces at the Alamo.

South Carolina-born on August 1st, 1809... he managed to do a lot in his young years. In Alabama (his family moved there when he was 9), he edited and managed a paper at 19, as well as simultaneously teaching at a school and learning to be a lawyer at the same age.

Unfortunately, due to debts and other failures he abandoned his pregnant wife and child in Alabama, and went to Texas. He was going to try and establish himself there and eventually send for his family but ....he never really did.

He was always seen as very vain, wearing perfumes of lavender and wearing bright colors like a white hat with red pants...he was also very impulsive. He was once imprisoned for starting up trouble with war parties, and the man imprisoning him threatened too shoot him if the people who supported Travis didn't stop shooting on him. Travis told the people to blaze away upon the fort, and let him die for the right cause. Yeeeah. Impulsive.

He was an extremely flawed man. He visited whores, gambled, had left debt and his family in Alabama... but he never drank, ever.

When I tell people about him, they go "Why do you even like him?" ...I can't say for sure. I think I just ...feel for him. He wasn't a horrible man, in fact he was very kind and generous. He loved children. He let people stay in his office to sleep for a night if they needed to. He even tried to find bibles for the town of San Felipe.

In San Antonio, at the Alamo on March 6th, 1836, he was shot in the head and killed instantly in battle. For thirteen days he upheld a besieged garrison. He sent for help repeatedly but got nothing... and in the end, it seemed that he had died for nothing - but of course, we all know that's not true.

He was only 26 years old. Just a mere boy.

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